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They Call Me Hobo

They Call Me Hobo

they call me Hobo, it wasn't my idea
I'd much rather be a professor or a prince
I rolled the dice down Lady Luck's blouse
I haven't seen them since
they call me Hobo, ok, so what?
that doesn't automatically make you a slut
let me take you back to the hut
and draw the blanket shut
if only a hobo can love you like me, then a hobo I will be
they say a gypsy woman is nothin' but a strumpet
a mulligan stew, a hooligan crumpet
but if you're a hobo daddy, she blow you like a trumpet
wild and free
they call me Hobo and I try to be all that
a man with mojo and a feather in his hat
I'll catch a locomotive when my time is due
but tonight I'm staying with you
yes tonight I'm staying with you
i'm staying with you

words+music by Hobo

Recorded at Allegiant Records by Danny Uzilevsky

Hobo: lead vocal, guitar

Anna Pfeiffer: acoustic bass

Ken Cook: piano

Sean Nelson: drums

Patrick Ayers: baritone sax

Liz Trombone: flugelhorn