Do Your Thing For Victory

It sure feels like time to do something, anything, besides oversharing the nightmare online. As useful as it is for getting the word out, social media levies a tax on the mental health.

What to do? Hobo would follow the example of the nation’s millions of knitters who plied their craft in resistance, coordinated their efforts nationwide, and gave the largest protest march in history a sweet fashion statement. The event benefited greatly from it.

Would that there be a plan afoot for every trade -- minstrels, art dorks, shoe people, everyone -- so that your skills have focus, your efforts have value, your voice counts, and your mind calms. To be merely a witness is crazy-making.

So do your thing. Satirists satirize away, musicians yowl, truck drivers drive for victory. If writing to the Pope is the best use of your time, please do it. Bake for Peace -- marchers need muffins.

 Most lacking at the moment is a cohesive, overarching, positive rallying cry. It’s all negative, anti-Tweeter-in-Chief, anti-observable reality. Understandable, but weak and easily bullied.

To dramatically swell the tide of public passion, eyes must be on a prize. The battle between left and right, Repugs vs Democraps, has been lost. The fight that remains is much more basic: common sense vs insanity, common decency vs gross vulgarity, truth vs lies, democracy vs a puppet show, continued life on earth vs the climate.

For a mass movement of righteousness to defeat the catastrophe already underway, it must unite all who oppose the madness and convince those who don’t yet feel it. The ground has to swell, the mass must get critical. The problem is clear but not the solution. What will it be?

As much as possible, Hobo gonna do his thing like always, and fight harder than ever for the freedom to do it. And try to stay sane.