Fighting Back

There's been a coup, a hostile takeover. There's been a tear in the space/time continuum allowing Bizarroworld to bleed into our former reality. There's been a swindle of epic proportion. An alien virus has cast a pox on the planet. Metaphors stretch to the breaking point.

But this aggression will not stand. The species may be treading new territory, in that we've given our highest power to the man who is both the most famous and most hated person on earth. What a colossal mistake! The nation has choked on a gigantic hambone and needs every thinking, decent person to apply the Heimlich.

A week ago the women of the world put on hats and hit the streets, the largest peaceful demonstration ever. They are showing the way, and there's no reason to wait. The fundamental concept of Liberty is under threat. Liberty is worth fighting for, and the time has come.